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Our Body Confident Collective mission is to make it easier for researchers to disseminate knowledge and programs for impact through sharing of human and digital resources. 

The Body Confident Collective will provide a platform for researchers to disseminate their evidence-based body image and professional development programs. BCC is designed to market and sell the training and resources you have developed through your research, directly to their specific stakeholders (e.g., individuals, businesses and employers of relevant health and education professionals) in order to make a difference and achieve impact.

We know that business development, sales, social media, and marketing are not within the position description for most academics. Your strengths are in the development and evaluation of these programs, but not always in the commercialisation of these products. But you still want impact- that’s why we can help.

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We have what you need to have impact

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We work with you to determine the strategic framework that will work best to get your program seen and used. 

We use our specialist IP lawyers to licence the IP from your university, and take care of all of the negotiations for you.


We develop the web and social presence, and brand assets required to go public with your program. Using our existing, engaged social media following, we create a marketing and communications plan, and implement it for you. 

We can also seek our proactive PR and media opportunities to get your program larger reach, and have a greater impact.

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We have access to all of the online platforms for the sale of digital products, and professional development programs. We do all of the accounting and reporting for you.


We know that you want to know what impact you are having. That's why we've built in measurement of reach and impact, and create biannual reports that show you who, and how many people you are reaching.



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