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We are supporting mothers of young children to improve their own body image and mental health, as well as their children's.

Becoming a mother involves huge body and identity changes. Our aim is to create awareness of this vulnerable body image period, advocate for more support for mothers, and provide access to a range of valuable resources. 

Amongst other things, we are currently developing an evidence-based app that can help improve mothers' body image, to improve their own mental and physical health, and help them role model this positivity to their children. 

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The Embrace Hub houses a range of innovative, engaging evidence-based body image resources.

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So many parents know the deep impact of body image concerns. We have felt this ourselves, and know it’s big for our kids, but it’s so big it feels overwhelming. This podcast is the first of its kind to bring together the science and the stories you need to raise kids who move, nourish, respect, and embrace their bodies.



A guide for parents/carers to help your kids to love and celebrate their bodies, written by Taryn Brumfitt and Dr Zali Yager



A social impact documentary that explores the serious issue of body loathing, inspiring us to change the way we feel about ourselves and think about our bodies.

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These guided meditations from Dr Kristin Neff are available free to download, and have been found to assist women in feeling better about themselves, and their bodies.

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Plug your earphones in and have a listen to Dr Zali Yager sharing evidence-based strategies to build body confidence in yourself and kids.

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Physical activity and joyful movement have a huge potential to enhance your body image and wellbeing but exercising for health and mood rather than appearance or weight loss is the key. Are you looking for some inspiration or some extra support in exercising safely during pregnancy or in motherhood?

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We are currently working on an app and soon to launch a podcast. 

To keep informed, sign up below.

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Take a look at our latest peer-reviewed journal articles.

Body Confident Mums: News
Body Confident Mums: News


We are body image experts in body image research. We are Mums. We are passionate about promoting physical and mental wellbeing for everyone.

Dr Zali Yager 

Executive Director of the Body Confident Collective, and Honorary Associate Professor in Health and Physical Education at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia.

I have an education background and expertise in the evaluation of intervention programs and content in school settings, and enhancing teacher's capacity to promote body image in their schools. I also have three children, Jack (9), Evelyn (7), and Lucy (7). Since having children, I have become passionate about promoting positive body image among mothers in order to enhance their own wellbeing, and that of their children.

Dr Ivanka Prichard

Associate Professor in Health & Exercise Sciences at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia.

My research focuses on promoting positive lifestyle behaviours (i.e., healthy diet and exercise) and body image. I worked in the fitness industry as a group fitness instructor for 15 years and am passionate about understanding ways of improving body satisfaction and increasing levels of physical activity among women and children. I also have two young boys, Hudson (12) and Carter (10). Having children, as well as my background in exercise and body image research, has made me increasingly aware of the need to promote positive body image and how parents might best do this for themselves and their children.

Dr Laura Hart 

Senior Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

I am one of the creators of Confident Body Confident Child, a program to help parents teach their children about healthy eating and physical activity without negatively impacting on child body image. I am passionate about the potential influence that parents can have on their children's physical and mental health. I also have two boys, Isaac (9), and Oscar (7). Since having children, I am aware of how post-birth and breastfeeding can really wreak havoc on women’s bodies and finding the confidence (and time!) to exercise and look after yourself is a challenge.

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