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are people who are willing to share their stories, empower others through narrative and be a body image changemaker. Body Confident Champions are part of the Network and inform and advise on BCC projects. We welcome people from all backgrounds and acknowledge that those with marginalised identities are often underrepresented in these spaces. We aim to elevate and empower these powerful voices to influence our projects and work.

Our Body Confident Champions commit as much or as little time to projects as they want. Sometimes it's a quote that will connect with someone, other times it's advising on a project so it reaches the most people. As part of our network, you get to choose what is meaningful for you.

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"To shift the culture, we need to be empathetic; to listen to our peers and sportspeople without judgement. Wearing one’s heart on one’s sleeve is painful at times, but vulnerability lets others in and allows them to support and love you — and it takes a team to produce a champion."

Catriona Bisset (She/her)

Olympian and Australian Athletics

800m Record Holder

Instagram: @catrionabisset

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