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2022 Beach Reads & Gift Ideas

It's gift giving season, and we reckon it's been such a massive year that you deserve some of these gifts yourself! We've compiled a list of our favourite gifts all under $50 for family, friends and those special people in your life that you want to thank.

  1. Embrace Kids Book

Written by our very own Dr Zali Yager, we might be a little biased but think this is the perfect beach read for anyone with little ones wanting to explore their own body relationship and encourage their own kids to be their best, most confident selves.

2. Pink Bits Body Inclusivity Jigsaw

We may have done this 1000-piece jigsaw a few times before and can honestly say that puzzles do not get any better than this! In celebration of every body, you're invited to explore a world of bodily inclusivity, where we can all find joy and feel safe. Lift the lid to read the artist statement and find forty feel-good Instagram accounts to follow, full of incredible creatives, educators, individuals and more.

3. Happy Fat Book

If you're curious about the world of Health at Every Size and gently learning more about body acceptance and inclusivity, look no further! In Happy Fat, comedian Sofie Hagen shares how she removed fatphobic influences from her daily life and found self-acceptance in a world where judgement and discrimination are rife. Did we mention, Sofie Hagen is HILARIOUS and you'll be giggling the entire time?

4. The Art of Body Acceptance Book

Ashlee Bennett is an Art Therapist based in Melbourne, Australia and works with people to heal their relationship with their bodies through creative expressions. This is the perfect book for the creative person who wants to gently do some body image work. The website quotes, "You are inherently creative. Yes, you. Even if you’ve never picked up a paintbrush before, registered art therapist Ashlee Bennett will teach you how to reclaim your creativity and make amends with your body using art."

5. Affirmation Stickers

Ashlee Bennett not only is an incredible author but she also has these beautiful body image affirmation stickers available on her website. They're perfect for putting on mirrors, on your laptop and on your phone for that daily reminder that you really are more than your body. She also has plaster paintables which are worth having a look at too!

6. Yoga Statue

These gorgeous yoga statues are stunning decorative pieces for your house or office, and ideal for a person passionate about body acceptance. We've seen these statues in some of our favourite clinician's offices and they look just as good as you would hope!

7. The Body is not an Apology Book

Author Sonya Renee Taylor wrote this book to remind us that we do not need to wait to feel beautiful, powerful or worthy tomorrow - we can choose to act in honour of our bodies today, no matter the form they currently take. This book is just as powerful as it appears and is a wonderful tool for healing and accepting your body just as it is.

8. Embrace Your Body Book

If you have young ones aged between 3-7 in your life this is the perfect gift for them to keep embracing their own bodies! Written by Taryn Brumfitt and Sinead Hanley it covers powerful messages of body inclusivity for young learners.

9. The Body Gratitude Cards

This deck of cards will help kickstart your journey to acceptance and gratitude. With beautiful illustrations, inspiring quotes and transformative affirmations, Body Gratitude is designed to help us heal and nurture our relationships to our bodies. Each card reminds us that we don’t have to be perfect to be worthy of love.

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